The Awesome Power of Repentance
Let me ask you this: Why do you need to read the Bible, or go to church or syna­gogue? Why are you wishing deep down inside that your children would not repeat the mistakes you made and the ones you are still repeating, even after receiving salvation? Why do you still struggle and are captive to your old habits, thoughts, and behaviors? Why does it upset you to see your children acting in a way you don't want them to? Is it because you know that your children are fighting the same hang-ups you inherited from your parents? Is it because they are losing the same battles you are losing? What is the key to spiritual success and growth, more teaching and preaching; more church attendance or more Bible and prayer groups? – You have listened to so many sermons assuring you that God loves you that you are saved. Messages that say you are going to heaven or homilies telling you about your righteousness through Jesus the Christ. What happens during the week in your day-to-day life? When you are all by yourself, back with your old self. When you are dealing with the old pressures of life and the old sinful traits inherited from your parents? Have they been eliminated? Can they be eliminated?

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